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Private College

Thika School of Medical and Health Sciences

Thika School of Medical and Health Sciences

Thika School of Medical and Health Sciences

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Thika School of Medical and Health Sciences is a accredited by the TVETA#####

  • Private College
  • Thika Town Constituency
  • Kiambu County

Thika School of Medical and Health Sciences (TSMHS) is a pioneer in Medical & Health studies as a practicing college in the country. The major advantage is in not just classroom teaching but practicing while studying with us in our own Hospitals. Students get the advantage of learning by doing in the actual environment. When you come to us, you discover that you have arrived at a special place where both school & hospitals are together to learn. Our Campuses are located in areas with pleasant and serene surroundings conducive to academic and intellectual growth.

We pride ourselves in providing high-quality programmes that attract individuals who wish to be globally competitive. To achieve this, we have invested heavily in infrastructure and facilities such as modern science laboratories and skills labs, a well-equipped library, and spacious classes to offer our students the best experience in quality academic programmes under a nurturing environment in which our students learn and grow.

TSMHS is an affiliate of Thika Nursing Home which was started in 1977 in Thika Town. We have MOUs with different hospitals to ensure timely medical practice and clinical rotations for all our students with the aim of producing highly skilled competent personnel with practical experience. As a result, TSMHS courses give our graduates a distinct advantage in the workplace. Already, many of our graduates are exposed to new employment opportunities by accessing industrial attachments during their study, or through course-related placements.

We have been guided by the following strong fundamentals.

Motto: Nurturing professional excellence

Vision: To be the leading preferred medical training institution that offers internationally recognized high-quality education in our region.

Mission Statement: To provide high-quality education to our students by developing a suitable combination of skills, knowledge, and attitude to enable them to meet challenges posed by globalization.

Mandate: To train competent medical professionals for Kenya the East African Community and beyond

Philosophy of the Institution: The college's philosophy is to foster the professional, intellectual, spiritual, and physical development of the wholesome individual in order to recognize and utilize the available opportunities for the enhancement of Human development.

Programs offered at Thika School of Medical and Health Sciences

Counselling Psychology - Certificate

CDACC Certificate 1 year
Counselling Psychology Certificate at Thika School of Medical and Health Sciences

This Certificate in Counselling Psychology course is designed to equip an individual with competencies for assessing the client, providing counselling services in crisis, trauma, marriage and family, medical... more

Health Records and Information Technology - Certificate

CDACC Certificate 1 1/2 years
Health Records and Information Technology Certificate at Thika School of Medical Sciences

This Certificate in Health Records with Information Technology(IT) program prepares students with skills and knowledge in diagnosing social problems in society such as deviance, illiteracy, ignorance, poor leadership... more

Applied Biology - Diploma

KNEC Diploma 3 years
Applied Biology Diploma at Thika School of Medical and Health Sciences

Applied Biology is the understanding of how organisms work from the sub-cellular to the whole organism level.This Applied Biology Diploma program involves the study of life and living... more

Clinical Medicine and Surgery - Diploma

Clinical Officers Council Diploma 3 years
Clinical Medicine and Surgery Diploma at Thika School of Medical Health Sciences

Clinical medicine is a field of medicine that deals primarily with the practice and study of medicine based on the direct examination of the patient. This diploma in... more